Coup de Foudre, Bill Culbert, 2009 – present

Coup de Foudre 2, Bill Culbert, neon, 2009. Photo credit: Philip Vile

Coup de Foudre 2, Bill Culbert, neon, 2009, Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, LB Tower Hamlets. Commissioned by Canary Wharf Group, which has an in-house Public Art department. Photo credit: Philip Vile

This work is one of a large number of art projects commissioned and managed by the Public Art department at Canary Wharf Group for its Canary Wharf estate in east London.  The permanent collection includes works by artists such as Alexander Beleschenko, Catherine Yass and Lynn Chadwick, augmented by a temporary exhibition programme now in its 10th year, which has shown artists including Phyllida Barlow, Phillip King and Peter Randall-Page in recent years. The art programme is an important part of the Group’s approach to creating a positive and distinctive environment to attract businesses and visitors alike. It has received international acclaim, most recently at the 2010 International Art & Work Awards where it won the Christie's Award for the Best Corporate Art Collection and Programme.   

Bill Culbert’s Coup de Foudre was made for the large atrium within Churchill Place – a glass building that houses a public library, cafés and restaurants overlooking the Bellmouth Passage canal, which was part of the inspiration for the piece. Originally commissioned in 2006 through limited competition, it was removed to allow for further construction of the building, with the addition of a new mezzanine level, and then replaced in a new configuration in 2010, as Coup de Foudre 2. The artist fee, fabrication and installation came to approximately £60,000 (additional costs such as the design competition, project management, publicity costs, electrics and equipment for installation were separate). The costs for both versions of the work were covered by Canary Wharf Group Plc.

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