Full Circle, Knut Henrik Henriksen, 2009.  Photo: Daisy Hutchison'Full Circle', Knut Henrik Henriksen, 2009, King's Cross Art project, London Borough of Islington. Commissioned by Art on the Underground, London Undergound. Photo: Daisy Hutchison. More info

Whatever the kind of project to be developed working in the public realm often takes much longer than expected as does integrating a commission as part of building works. Starting working on a project as early as possible or at least stating an intent to commission with a budget line early on helps make projects more effective and can save money in the long term.

Looking at key dates for raising funding, developing proposals, making tests and having completed the project will all help in mapping out when to start a project for the public realm. Permanent/Integrated commissions may need to meet significant points in contracts and procurement processes. Temporary projects should consider when is best to produce a project given weather and the time of the year and when it can best attract an audience.