Town centres

Trip the Light Fantastic, Jane Watt, 2010. Photo: Byam Shaw and the artist. 'Trip the Light Fantastic', Jane Watt, 2010, Archway, LB Islington, London.  An Alight commission by AIR at Byam Shaw School of Art, University of the Arts London (UAL), in partnership with Islington Council.  Photo: Byam Shaw and the artist. More info.

The latest draft of the Mayor’s London Plan emphasises the development of the public realm for town centres and their long term role for London’s residents and businesses.

Art in the Open has researched the benefits of the involvement of art for town centres, looking at case studies from across the UK and developing guidance and principles of good practice.

Our research has emphasised the importance of high quality projects and thinking for the long term about arts involvement.


Click the following link to download our free toolkit: 'Inspiring Creative Approaches for Town Centres' from our toolkits and publications page


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