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Gill Sans, Ron Haselden with architects Robert Ian Barnes and Taeko Matsumoto, 2002 – ongoing.  Photo by: Ron Haselden 'Gill Sans', Ron Haselden with architects Robert Ian Barnes and Taeko Matsumoto, 2002 – ongoing, LB Southwark, London.  Commissioned by Southwark Council through an initiative from the Local Residents Association and the Council.  Photo: Ron Haselden. More info.

Light London was a city-wide research initiative to strategically influence the capital’s public realm policy and its creative opportunities through the theme of light. 

Light can dramatically effect how we feel about and experience the city.  With London’s renewed focus on the public realm, the capital has the opportunity for permanent lighting schemes to animate our public spaces and historic environment, alongside temporary installations as part of wider environmental changes.

Light London was a programme of forums and resources to inform London’s policy and support more imaginative approaches. Unusually, its forums have brought together an invited mix of artists, architects, lighting designers, local authorities, key London agencies, developers and others, to encourage a multi-disciplinary, strategic approach. The Light London Working Group represented these various viewpoints and helped develop a new publication, Light London Principles, that can be used by all those interested in commissioning creative lighting projects. The initiative is a key case study in The Mayor's Cultural Strategy.

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