We undertake independent research on how London’s art in the public realm can be, and is being, developed, including focusing on key issues for the sector. This ranges from researching national and international exemplars and best practice, to consultation and surveys.

Place-based research includes:

  • East London – researching and measuring the high concentration of public realm projects in and around the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Park, as part of our work to influence and support projects that both local communities and visitors can benefit from in the long-term.
  • The Olympic Park – researching the Olympic Delivery Authority's (ODA) Arts and Culture programme for the Park. A full report, commissioned by the ODA, includes details of projects and recommendations and lessons learned, for use by all those involved in regeneration schemes in the capital, nationally and internationally. 
  • Town centres – researching how and why to commission art for town centres. A free downloadable toolkit includes best practice examples and tips.

Themed research includes:

  • Light – using research into best practice and creative models to strategically influence the capital’s public realm policy and its creative opportunities through the theme of light. This includes the publication Light London Principles, developed in partnership with Design for London.
  • Commemoration & Celebration – consulting Londoners’ on their opinions on commissioning (and de-commissioning) monuments and memorials in the capital