Private funding


Sponsorship is a reciprocal agreement between the business and the project to be sponsored, with the specific objective of promoting the business’ name, its products, service or image. Sponsorship forms part of a business’ promotional expenditure and the sponsor should receive benefits to the value of the amount sponsored. It can be appropriate to build long-term partnerships or approaching a limited number of businesses for contributions.

Involving a business supporter through the commissioning process can help their understanding of the project and its objectives so as to encourage involvement and ‘buy-in’. Included here are tips on making sponsorship approaches.


Individual patrons often have connections with the place where a commission is located or may have located their business in the area.

Business donations:
A business cash contribution to a public art commission can be made as a donation or as part of a sponsorship agreement. A donation is a gift for which no return is asked or given, beyond an acknowledgement. Requests for donations are best suited to one-off projects where a wide range of suitable donors can be targeted.