Evergreen, David Batchelor, 2003 – ongoing

Evergreen, David Batchelor, 2003 – ongoing. Photo: Stephen McLaren

Evergreen, David Batchelor, 2003 – ongoing, More London Development, Southwark, London.  Commissioned by More London Development through curator Andrea Schlieker. Photo: Stephen McLaren.

David Batchelor’s work, Evergreen, is part of the More London Development site on the South Bank, London, adjacent to Tower Bridge.  It is one of a number of art commissions that were planned early on as an integral part of the public realm scheme for the site, and it was developed with the help of a curator, an Advisory Group and specialist fabricators, amongst others. It was funded by the developer (partly via Section 106), and through the Pool of London Partnership and the Arts & Business New Partners scheme. For more information see the full case study.

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